Pneumatic Control Valves in Bahrain

Inaugurated in the year 2017, Jekon controls are the leading pneumatic valve manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Bahrain. Jekon controls valves are equipped with modern techno-advanced features. Our wide infrastructure is complied with efficient engineers and specialists, who efficiently optimize the modern machinery and equipment for the successful fabrication to fine grade Pneumatic control valves. We provide a wide range of pneumatic control valves that involve; pneumatic angle seat valves, damper valves manufacturer, damper butterfly valves, motorized damper valve, pneumatics round cylinder, pneumatic control valves, pneumatic round cylinder, pneumatics actuator ball valve, and pneumatic pinch valves.

Pneumatic Control Valves Manufacturers in Bahrain

We have fabricated pneumatic control valves with superior grade raw materials. Pneumatic control valves are designed specifically to fit the industrial framework they are installed. Pneumatic control valves are maintained under the stringent supervision of experts. Our experts have employed quality innovation and authentic design in the pneumatic valves presented. Control valves manufactured are as per the international standards.

Pneumatic valves by Jekon controls are easy to install operate and maintain. These pneumatic valves bear high tensile strength and are suitable for high and low-pressure drops. Valves manufactured are highly durable and require low maintenance costs. Control valves are designed such that they are reliable to work even in the harshest conditions. Jekon pneumatic control valves are effective in offering efficient service all through their life span. We provide pneumatic valves that enhance the working capacity of the industrial unit these are installed. Jekon controls provide a classified range of pneumatic valves that have passed stringent quality checkups and have achieved the ranked on top for the efficient working capacity and tenure of the pneumatic control valves.

Control valves are offered with full quality assurance and in a wide range as per the diverse industrial requirements of valuable consumers. We have highly qualified experienced professionals, who never leave the chance of disappointment for valuable customers. We have research and development specialists that have presented the best auto-updated designs and features in the pneumatic control valves for the hassle-free convenience of valuable customers. Our control valves are effective in serving flawless performances. Consumers can have the best experience of having the latest technology by adopting Jekon control valves and systems. We provide a unique assortment of control valves as per the defined industrial requirement of valuable clients in the assured time frame with full quality assurance. Our firm is a wide exporter of pneumatic control valves on a large scale worldwide.


Pneumatic Control Valves Supplier - Bahrain

Pneumatic control valves are used to regulate the backward and forward flow of air in different applications. These are utilized in various pneumatic systems to direct or stop the flow of compressed air or oil to their appliances. Pneumatic control valve is the most vitalized element in pneumatic systems and can be used for example to actuate a cylinder, a larger industrial valve, or air tools. These control systems use the medium of compressed air to receive and send signals that control HVAC equipment. In the simplest terms, these valves are pressure control systems that move pressurized or compressed air “signals” from a controller to a device through copper or plastic tubes. Pneumatic pressure control systems are utilized in various applications of daily life such as train doors, automatic production lines, mechanical clamps, and more.

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Salient features of pneumatic valve control systems by Jekon controls:

  • Efficient : pneumatic control systems help to efficiently utilize the air present in the atmosphere by easily storing and releasing it in the atmosphere after use without further processing.
  • Reliable : Pneumatic system components are extremely durable and reliable as Compared to electromotive components. These have less maintenance and maintenance cost after installation.
  • Simple : these systems are relatively simple and are highly suitable to use in automatic control systems. These control systems are simply movable in the directions required, including linear or angular rotational movement, coupled with continuously variable operational speeds.
  • Safe : Pneumatic systems can work freely without the risk of fire or explosion. Unlike electromotive control systems, they do not overheat when overloaded and are therefore extensively fire resistant.
  • Economical : Pneumatic control valves and systems are relatively cost-effective and are easily available. These systems are economical in nature as they require less maintenance after installation.
  • Anti-corrosive and worn resistant : Pneumatic control valves and systems are made from superior grade raw materials that are highly resistant to moisture and wear-tear.
  • High tensile strength and maximum term life : pneumatic control systems and control valves bear high tensile strength to resist heavy workloads and with less support, these are reliable to offer maximum durability.
  • Robust constructions : pneumatic control systems and valves by Jekon controls provide stable performances throughout their service life.

Product range of pneumatic control systems by Jekon controls:

  • Pneumatic Angle Seat Valves
  • Damper Valves Manufacturer
  • Damper Butterfly Valves  
  • Motorized Damper Valve
  • Pneumatics Round Cylinder
  • Pneumatic Control Valves
  • Pneumatics Round Cylinder
  • Pneumatics Actuator Ball Valve
  • And Pneumatic Pinch Valves and many more.

Our Product : Pneumatic Valves Bahrain

pneumatic valves Bahrain

Pneumatic Control Valves

Gaining mastery in the pneumatic system fabrication we have developed large range of valves considering various industrial fields.

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pneumatic angle type control valve Bahrain

Pneumatic Angle Type Control Valve

There are many industrial sectors in which ideal pneumatic valves are demanded for the safe operations.

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pneumatic angle seated valve Bahrain

Pneumatic Angle Seated Valve

It is necessary to employee an ideal Pneumatic valve for the system to get preset operational results.

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pneumatic-cylinder-operated-control-valve Bahrain

Pneumatic Cylinder Operated Control Valve

As being leading manufacturer and exporter of advanced pneumatic valves, we have developed suitable series of pneumatic cylinder operated control valve with regards to several industrial applications.

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Why choose Jekon controls for pneumatic systems?

We are the leading most trusted and reliable pneumatic control valve manufacturer and supplier in Bahrain. We are quality-oriented suppliers of pneumatic valves that present a classified range of pneumatic valves as per various industrial requirements of valued clients. Clients are satisfied with our support and services for pneumatic control valves. Our efficient engineers have specifically designed considering the present and future needs of pneumatic valves. Our assorted range of pneumatic valve and control systems is offered at a reasonable rate and can be customized as per client requirements. It’s the quality of pneumatic control systems and valves that we have a wide clientele today. We are available 24/7 for hassle-free convenience of control valves for pneumatic systems in Bahrain. We cater to various countries outside Bahrain few of them involve DubaiYemen, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Qatar, Oman, and many other.

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